If you see Not enough memory to lớn run Microsoft Excel error while launching Excel, then the solutions provided in this article may help you fix it. This error prevents users from working in Microsoft Excel because they can’t open any spreadsheet. Some users have seen this error while attaching an Excel file in Microsoft Outlook or while opening an Excel file from Outlook và from another e-mail client.

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Sometimes, the problem occurs when Excel is not able to lớn access the default printer. To kiểm tra this, change your default printer. You can also make a virtual printer as your default printer, like Microsoft Print lớn PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer. After performing this step, kiểm tra if the problem occurs.4> Troubleshoot Excel in Safe ModeThere might be some problematic add-ins in Excel that are causing the problem. To kiểm tra this, you have lớn troubleshoot Excel in Safe Mode. Kiểm tra if you are able lớn launch Excel in Safe Mode. If yes, some of your Add-ins are the culprit.To launch Excel in Safe Mode, open the Run command box và type excel /safe. After that, click OK. This will open Excel in Safe Mode.

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Now follow the steps below:Go lớn “File > Options.”Select Add-Ins from the left side.Click on the Manage drop-down và select COM Add-ins. Click Go.Deselect anyone add-in khổng lồ disable it và click OK.Close Excel in Safe Mode and launch Excel in normal mode. See if the issue appears. If yes, repeat the above steps to lớn disable another add-in & then launch Excel in normal mode again.The above steps will help you find the problematic add-in. Once you find it, remove it from Excel.5> Troubleshoot in a Clean Boot stateIf there is no problematic add-in in Excel, the issue might occur due to a conflicting background or startup app. You can easily identify that program by starting your computer in a Clean Boot state. After starting your computer in a Clean Boot state, launch Microsoft Excel and see if the “Not enough memory khổng lồ run Microsoft Excel” message appears. If not, there is a program that is conflicting with Microsoft Excel due lớn which Excel is displaying this error.To identify that program, enable some of the disabled programs in the Clean Boot state, & then start your computer in a normal state. Launch Excel after starting your computer in the normal state và see if the error occurs. If yes, some of the programs you have just enabled are causing the problem. To identify those programs, disable the enabled programs one by one & launch Excel each time you disable a program. This will help you identify the problematic startup application.Related: Excel is slow lớn respond or stops working6> Change the Trust Center settingsIf you are unable to attach an Excel in Outlook or if you are getting the error message after opening the Excel tệp tin from Outlook or another email client, change the Trust Center settings và see if it works.