Who Is Kim Nam-gil’s Wife?

This time we’ll be talking about Kim Nam-gil‘s romantic relationships, for those of you who are curious about who is Kim Nam-gil dating now? Who was his girlfriend? Would Kim Nam-gil marry soon? You better check this out!

Although rumored khổng lồ date several celebrities, Kim Nam-gil never confirmed any of those and he is likely single as of now. He may be having a relationship behind the camera, but he doesn’t publicly cốt truyện his private life.

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Let’s break down the details of Kim Nam-gil’s love life in this article. We will discuss who are the celebrities that have been rumored to be his girlfriend or wife. Check this out!

Kim Nam-gil Is Single


Kim Nam-gil is single và has never confirmed any dating rumors that revolved around him. Kim Nam-gil has been rumored dating several actresses such as Son Ye-jin, Jang Na-ra, và even Tiffany from SNSD. However, the truth is that he has never dated any of the female celebrities linked to him.

As yet, there still isn’t any information about who Kim Nam-gil may be dating. Let’s just wait until Kim Nam-gil himself opens up about his dating in the future.

Kim Nam-gil’s Ideal Type of Woman khổng lồ be His Wife


Kim Nam-gil once said that his ideal type of woman is someone who has pretty Achilles’ heels và pretty ears. He’s even fine dating a woman who’s older than him.

Kim Nam-Gil’s Dating Rumors with Son Ye-jin


Kim Nam-gil became with Son Ye-jin after they worked together as the main characters in the drama Shark. They had very good chemistry, and they were even rumored khổng lồ have a deeper relationship outside of filming. The staff of the drama assumed that Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin had a thắm thiết relationship as they became close quickly during filming for the drama.

In 2013, SBS Entertainment Sports reported that the Kim Nam-gil và Son Ye-jin went from acquaintances to lovers in July, và had been dating for months, starting from the time they were making Shark. On the other side, Son Ye-jin’s agency, M Steam Entertainment, confirmed that they were absolutely not in a romantic relationship. They became closer just because of their work playing a couple for the drama. If they really were dating, they would be honest about it.

Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin continued their togetherness when they worked together on the movie Pirates, which made fans wonder about their relationship even more. Dating rumors rose again while the two were filming Pirates. The actors just kept it cool, though, even when Senior Park Chul Min joked around by saying that they should just get married.

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Their closeness as ‘friends’ seemed inaccurate by those who watched them when they were working together. Kim Nam-gil surprised Son Ye-jin at a screening for her film The Accomplice on October 9, at Wangsimni CGV in Seoul. Kim Nam-gil shouted loudly, “Son Ye- Jin is the best!” as the actress was called lớn give a ‘thanks bow’. Son Ye-jin was surprised, và replied “Thank You, nam Gil oppa”.

Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin Talk about Each Other


Even though the dating rumors spread, Kim Nam-gil và Son Ye-jin had talked about each other in public. In an interview for the movie Pirates, Kim Nam-gil was asked by a reporter, “What is Son Ye-jin really look lượt thích on mix as your chemistry with Son Ye-jin is so amazing that dating rumors between you flared up?”

Kim Nam-gil responded that even though Son Ye-Jin’s role in Pirates is different than her character in Shark, both were matched well with him.

He then added, “I think both of our characters fit us well, as we both got into characters that bring out our own quality traits khổng lồ life. There is a scene in Pirates where I tease Son Ye-jin and she nags at me. We joke a lot in real life so the scene was really familiar. It was as if we were in our own comfort zone and our chemistry is great. Personally, I’m happy we’re able khổng lồ work together.”

Meanwhile, when Son Ye-jin was asked about Kim Nam-gil, she said that Kim Nam-gil is just lượt thích Jang Sa-jung (Kim Nam-gil’s role in Pirates). She also said that in real life, he’s more talkative and fun. He is a bit of a klutz & is friendly. She then continued by saying, “The image of him up lớn now is all a lie. Since I’ve known that side of him from Shark, it was really comfortable working with him this time. In that sense, I think Jang Sa Jung fits him well.”

Kim Nam-gil’s Dating Rumors with Jang Na-ra


Kim Nam-gil has been linked to lớn dating rumors with Jang Na-ra since 2013. The rumors started when Jang Na-ra was filming a drama called “School 2013” and Kim Nam-gil sent a food truck to tư vấn her. Thus, people were suspecting the two khổng lồ have a special relationship, which turned out to be fake.

In 2018, the rumors began khổng lồ roar again after there was a screenshot of a Dispatch article saying that Kim Nam-gil & Jang Na-ra are a couple và will get married in November 2018. Both agencies of Kim Nam-gil & Jang Na-ra denied the rumors.

“We will take legal action regarding these baseless rumors.” said Kim Nam-gil’s agency.

Kim Nam-gil’s Dating Rumor with SNSD’s Tiffany


In 2010, Kim Nam-gil was rumored to be dating SNSD’s Tiffany, as they spent time together for meals, sometimes. Kim Nam-gil then cleared up the rumor by saying that he regards Tiffany as a younger sister.

Kim Nam-gil stated that SNSD was a big tín đồ of the MBC drama Queen Seon Duk, và that they often visited the set. Eventually, he formed an older brother/younger sister relationship with members Sooyoung, Yoona, Hyoyeon, & Tiffany.


That’s all the information about Kim Nam-gil’s potential wife & dating rumors. Let’s wish that he will find the love of his life someday. If you like this article, don’t forget to lớn spread this lớn your fellow K-drama lovers so they will know the latest info about Korean celebrities. Check out other articles from Channel Korea to keep updated! Cheers!