It’s finally here! The It’s Skin nguồn 10 Formula Effector line! A cult favorite line of 13 highly potent serums. Today we will discuss all thirteen & what skin types and skin problems they’re designed for. Keep reading!

There are 13 highly concentrated effectors (serums) in this line. Each one is formulated with specific ingredients designed to lớn tackle a distinct skin concern, such as hyperpigmentation, discoloration, oily skin, large pores, skin aging, etc. Below is a chart with more information on each effector.

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I condensed the information from the image in a table for a clearer view:


Star Ingredient(s)



Vitamin C & Green Tea










Elasticity và Anti-aging


SYN-AKE peptides

Elasticity & Diminish wrinkles



Rejuvenating & Elasticity


Adenosine, Caviar, Mistletoe

Plumping và Diminish wrinkles


Propolis & Honey

Brightening và Protection



Hydrating và Soothing


Coenzyme Q10 & Glutamic Acid

Rejuvenating và Vitality


Vitamin E

Nourishing & Protection


Vitamin B6

Excess sebum và Moisturizing


Houttuynia Cordata

Excess sebum và Blemishes

If you look closely, there are slight overlaps in the effects of the various effectors. According khổng lồ the skin concerns they target, you can categorize the 13 effectors in 4 broad groups:


1. Brightening Effectors

The brightening effectors all contain a type of skin brightener.The VC effector is the most popular one. Not only in the skin brightening group, but also out of the entire power 10 Formula Effector line. Formulated with two powerful antioxidants; vitamin C and Green Tea extracts, it brightens dark spots & discoloration whilst simultaneously inhibiting melanin production khổng lồ prevent any future discoloration. The LI effector is a brightening serum as well. It contains licorice, a well-known natural skin lightener used often in Korean skincare. Also formulated with multiple hydrating ingredients, the LI effector leaves an even skin tone with a luminous glow. The last effector that falls under the ‘brightening’ category is the WH effector. It’s star ingredient is Arbutin, a lightening ingredient extracted from the bearberry plant. The WH effector also contains a few hydrating agents, which leave the skin looking brighter, clearer and plumper.


2. Anti-aging, Firming và Elasticity

Again, starting with the most popular effector. The CO effector is the 2nd most popular effector out of the entire line. It is a potent collagen-boosting serum perfect for mature skin. Formulated with phytocollagen that deeply penetrates the skin khổng lồ increase collagen levels và reverse and prevent premature aging. The next effector in this group is an intriguing one. The SYN-AKE effector contains SYN-AKE peptides that mimic the kích hoạt of snake venom lớn "freeze" wrinkles & prevent future lines. It is also enriched with a cocktail of Adenosine, Baobab extract, Indian fig extract, Malt extract, và Yeast ferment for deep nourishment & elasticity. The SYN-AKE effector is not the only effector that contains yeast ferment. The YE effector has Yeast extracts as its star ingredient. Yeast is a very popular skincare ingredient in Asia, because it boosts cell turnover rates, và stimulates the skin’s elasticity. It’s no wonder the YE effector is the 3rd most popular in the line. The YE effector leaves the skin fresh and plump, with a youthful glow. The last one in this category is the WR effector. The WR effector is a lightweight serum that contains a blend of ingredients, including Adenosine, Caviar extracts & Mistletoe extracts that work in synergy to plump the skin & reduce the appearance of fine lines.


3. Rejuvenating và Nourishing

This group consists of effectors that are primarily designed to lớn nourish the skin và protect it from environmental aggressors.

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The first one is the Propolis effector. Propolis, a.k.a. Bee glue, is a natural antibiotic and another popular Korean skincare ingredient. The It"s Skin power 10 Formula Propolis is infused with Propolis & Honey Extracts to lớn provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory và healing effects lớn the skin. Above that, it also contains đen Rose, Freesia, and White Daisy extracts lớn moisturize & brighten the skin. The second one in this group is the GF effector. It’s formulated with the GF-Biopolymer, extracted from the Grifola Frondosa mushroom. A quick -absorbing serum that hydrates and and soothes. Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin.Up lớn the Q10 effector. This effector contains coenzyme quận 10 and Polyglutamic Acid to lớn boost collagen và elastin levels whilst providing moisture to restore the skin with lost vitality và resilience. This is a rejuvenating serum designed lớn reinforce the skin"s resilience.The last one in this category is the VE effector. A vitamin E enriched serum that delivers a range of antioxidants và hydrating ingredients to lớn boost elasticity và moisture and protect the skin from miễn phí radicals.

4. Excess Sebum

This last group is specially formulated for us oily girls. There are two effectors in this group. Both leave the skin looking clearer và healthier.The VB effector is a lightweight, quick-absorbing serum that contains vi-ta-min B6 which balances the skin"s sebum production & restores moisture levels.

The PO effector is formulated with Houttuynia Cordata extracts which help regulate the skin"s natural sebum production & shrinks pores. This serum reduces oil production, blackheads & blemishes, whilst boosting hydration & firmness.


How to use - Directions

These effectors are to lớn be used as serums. Apply them to lớn freshly cleansed skin (after toning if you use toner) and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. If you have multiple skin problems you want lớn target, you can use two effectors & layer them. In fact, the VC & VE effector are best used in conjunction, because they both contain antioxidants which potentiate each others actions.