Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 9 vs cảnh báo 8 – Should you upgrade?

At a lavish launch event in NYC, Samsung just announced the latest in its cảnh báo lineup. The note was the original device lớn really kickstart the phablet craze. So what can the Samsung Galaxy note 9 bởi to stand out?

Like many phone releases these days, pretty much every detail of the note 9 has been leaked in the weeks và months leading up to lớn the event. We’ve had spec dumps, renders, even official-looking images and pre-order bonuses.

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All that aside, the lưu ý 9 still looks like a great device. As we saw with the jump from Samsung Galaxy S8 to Samsung Galaxy S9, the changes are iterative and look lớn tweak the formula rather than rip it up & start again.

If you’re looking to upgrade from the note 8 then there’s plenty to lớn think about. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

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Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 9 vs note 8 thiết kế –What’s changed?

The cảnh báo 8 received a huge visual overhaul in the same way that the Galaxy S8 did. The bezel surrounding the display was slimmed right down, the fingerprint sensor was repositioned around the rear & the sloping display made far more prominent. The Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 was, và still is, a gorgeous phone.

So it’s hardly surprising to lớn discover that Samsung is sticking with, what is, mostly the same kiến thiết for a second year. There are a couple of changes that should make the device a better lớn use phone overall.

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One of the most obvious changes is the new position of the fingerprint sensor. Instead of sitting awkwardly next to the camera module, it now sits below. It’s a simple change but one that fixes a big issue.

While the cảnh báo 9 is a similar kích cỡ to the chú ý 8, the screen is actually larger: 6.4 inches as opposed to lớn 6.3 inches. Reducing the kích thước of the bezel allows for this.


Both phones are constructed from glass, with a metal rim sandwiched in-between. USB-C ports sit along the bottom, with a headphone jack. Seeing as Samsung kept hold of the 3.5mm port for the Galaxy S9, we always expected it to be here too.

The real key feature of the entire cảnh báo series sits beside the USB-C port: the S Pen. For the chú ý 9, Samsung has upgraded the included stylus to lớn feature Bluetooth, as well as offering it in a range of colours.

Bluetooth seems an odd addition, and we’re not yet sold on exactly the functionality it will bring. Samsung says you’ll be able lớn control presentations from across the room và use it as a remote camera shutter – neither of which sound particularly interesting.

Water-resistance remains, và the use of the glass body toàn thân ensures the cảnh báo 9 will charge wirelessly.

Samsung Galaxy lưu ý 9 vs chú ý 8 specs and features – How much faster can it be?

Inside the Samsung Galaxy note 9, you’ll find plenty of upgrades over the outgoing model. The Exynos 8895 has been replaced with the 9810, giving faster overall performance, better graphics & improved connectivity. That Exynos version won’t see a release in the US, however. Instead, the US version of the note 9 will pack a Snapdragon 845. Again, this is an upgrade over the Snapdragon 835 used in the chú ý 8.

Note 8Note 9
Screen6.3-inch, quad-HD AMOLED, HDR6.4-inch, quad-HD AMOLED, HDR
PerformanceSnapdragon 835/Exynos 8895Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810
Storage64GB + microSD64GB/256GB + microSD
Rear camera2 x 12MP, f/1.7 (main), OIS, 4K video, Dual Pixel2 x 12MP (f/1.7 – f/1.5 – f/2.4 – main), OIS, 4K video, Dual Pixel
Front camera8MP, f/1.78MP, f/1.7
Battery3300mAh, fast charge, wireless charging4000mAh, fast charge, wireless charging
S-PenYesYes (with Bluetooth)

A big push for the note 9 is gaming. This is the first app android phone on which you’ll be able lớn play Fortnite, so expect a fluid experience. Fortnite will come khổng lồ other phones in the Galaxy family after a month, with other Androids joining the buổi tiệc ngọt later.

RAM remains at 6GB (plump for the 512GB model and you’ll get 8GB RAM) – the ideal amount, in our opinion – & storage options now go all the way up khổng lồ 512GB. There’s a microSD slot, too, so with the right card you have more than a terabyte of storage with the lưu ý 9.

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Even though the note 9 has a larger screen than the chú ý 8, the resolution of the AMOLED panel remains at 1440 x 2960. Both phones also tư vấn HDR; expect support for this from Netflix, YouTube và Prime Video.

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The nâng cấp that could make the lưu ý 9 a much better phone is the 4000mAh battery. The note 8 struggled in terms of endurance, và during our original review of the phone, it struggled to get beyond a day of usage. For a large device such as this, that just isn’t good enough. Including a bigger cell inside the cảnh báo 9 should offset such issues and, fingers-crossed, there won’t be any chú ý 7 meltdowns this time around.

In terms of the camera, Samsung has pretty much taken all the good bits from the excellent Galaxy S9 Plus và jammed them into the cảnh báo 9.

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You have the same dual-aperture lens, which will switch between f/1.5 & f/2.4 depending on the light. Also included is dual-pixel focusing tech và a secondary sensor for 2x zoom. The biggest difference between the cảnh báo 8 and note 9 is that clever shifting aperture, as the outgoing note itself had a secondary sensor for improved zooming.

There are a couple of camera features that remain the same. The front sensor is still an 8-megapixel f/1.7 unit, 4K clip support up to lớn 60fps remains, và OIS is present on both cameras.

The cảnh báo 8 already ticked pretty much every connectivity box, so there was little for Samsung to showroom aside from the faster LTE speed afforded by the improved silicone inside. Both phones have NFC, bluetooth 5, GPS & can be hooked up to lớn a monitor via Dex.

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Samsung Galaxy note 9 vs chú ý 8 price – How much does it cost?

Right, let’s get this out of the way quickly – neither of these phones is cheap. The Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 retailed for £869/$899 when it was first released, although you can now pick one up for less than £600 on Amazon.

The chú ý 9 is pricier than the lưu ý 8, starting at £899. If you want lớn have that 512GB storage then be prepared lớn pay £1099.

Early Verdict

The chú ý 9 isn’t a huge step forward for the series. Instead, it tweaks and fine-tunes the formula lớn hopefully make a better device. The biggest upgrade is the battery, which could take things khổng lồ another level.