These days, Lily Collins is engaged to lớn director Charlie McDowell, but there was a time when fans majorly shipped her with someone else.

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In fact, the Emily in Paris star dated British actor, singer and model Jamie Campbell Bower on & off for about five years, so there was definitely a lot of history there.Bạn sẽ xem: Jamie campbell bower cùng lily collins

According lớn Elite Daily, the beautiful pair met in July 2012 while filming The Mortal Instruments: đô thị of Bones. They then dated for a year before their first break-up in 2013, which, per Elite Daily, happened "just days before the movie"s release in theaters." It seemed the spark between the exes remained because at the premiere, Campbell told E! News, "Lily và I are very, very close. Very close. Always have been, always will be." và they did remain close, with Collins confirming their reconciliation in May 2015 with an Instagram post of them kissing. She coyly captioned the photo: "Life works in mysterious ways..."

The two then split again sometime after that, but always hinted they were never over for good. In 2018, fans noticed the two hinting at a rekindled romance on Instagram. The Daily Mail reports that in one post, Bower hinted at traveling khổng lồ London to spend the day with Collins, writing ""LANDAN.

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You got me for 24 hours." khổng lồ which Collins reportedly replied, "24 whole hours?!" In another exchange, Collins posted about hitting the road again, & Bower commented "We shall miss you terribly x." Collins wrote back, "Already do."

So why couldn"t this openly thắm thiết couple make it work?

Lily Collins và Jamie Campbell Bower realized 'they weren't right for each other'


Andreas Rentz/Getty ImagesLily Collins & Twilight actor Jamie Campbell Bower officially ended their five-year on-again, off-again relationship in July 2018. A source told The Sun (via Bustle): "Lily and Jamie have clearly got a lot of history & they have been close for a long time, but in the kết thúc they decided they weren"t right for each other & it came to an end amicably."

Perhaps the unsteady nature of their romance or the constant rumors surrounding it took a toll, but the source said that the two planned to remain friends. While discussing previous relationships with the Mirror in 2017, Collins said, "I"ve had some good và some bad relationships. I want someone to lớn make me laugh. I need khổng lồ just be enough for someone. I would lượt thích to be accepted in my pajamas or wearing something glamorous."

She appears lớn have found that person in fiancé Charlie McDowell. She"s gushed about him on Instagram, writing on a post of their engagement, "I"ve been waiting my lifetime for you & I can"t wait khổng lồ spend our lifetime together..." Bower has also seemingly moved on. As of this writing, he"s dating tattoo artist Ruby Quilter. 

It seems fans of Collins và Bower"s romance will just have to rewatch them together in their movie The Mortal Instruments: đô thị of Bones because their real-life romance appears to be off for good.