The Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck is created by the digital artist Ciro Marchetti. The lively digital imagery the deck contains has strong elements of fantasy và graphic novels, with an unusual take on the traditional Tarot.

The Legacy of the Divine deck invokes imagination and takes you to a new world with each reading.

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So, what is this deck all about, & could it be the right Tarot deck for you?

What is The Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck?

Ciro Marchetti has created quite a few Tarot decks, but this is by far my favorite. It is also extremely popular in the Tarot world, with its striking imagery & interesting interpretations of the cards.

The artwork on the cards really reminds me of fantasy và graphic novels, so if you are a fan hâm mộ of these, you will love the deck!


Let’s take a look at The Devil card. I think this is one of the most interesting cards of the deck as Ciro Marchetti has created a card that reflects the meaning of the card. The Devil thẻ is all about temptation và material focus, and I really think that this depiction shows this well. The devil is now a strong và handsome man, controlling someone who is depicted as a marionette.

I also love The Moon card. There is an icy, anxious feel khổng lồ the card, with the glowing moon taking center stage. We can really sense the sinister undertones that The Moon brings, & I love how the dogs are now statues that are tied together. I also love how the triple Goddess symbol is on the card, reflecting spirituality and the different realms of the universe.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards are just as vibrant & interesting as the Major Arcana. The depictions on the cards can be read easily and give a deep understanding of the meaning of the different cards without needing khổng lồ consult the book.

Here are the Knights of the four different suits. Looks odd, I know, as they’re kind of depersonalized here. Instead of the young male figures, we only have helmets and the background of fire, water, sky, & the forest.

But, I quite like this stripped-back take on the Knights. I think they are easy khổng lồ understand & I love how they incorporate the four elements of the Tarot suits.


I personally became interested in this deck when I received a reading from my fellow tarot enthusiast. My first impression was: Wow, this deck is gorgeous! I gotta have it. & I’m glad I finally got my hands on it!

This deck is very pleasant khổng lồ look at with a really interesting & unique take on the traditional Tarot. My only complaint is that the cards cpu easily và the đen background tends to lớn shed.

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This deck reminds me of the element of fire. Images are bright as if they are burned onto the black background. This deck would make a nice gift for a Tarot reader, beginner and pro alike, who likes fantasy themes and would lượt thích to have an alternative to the traditional Rider-Waite deck.

Quality: 78 glossy cards of smaller size. Shuffling is easy. Cards are a bit thin and, unfortunately, easily chipped at the edges, which are non-gilded.Design: Vibrant digital artwork on a đen background, smooth black border.Difficulty: This deck slightly deviates from traditional imagery of Raider-Waite Tarot because the Suit of Pentacles are now the Suit of Coins & certain names of cards and imagery. No people are shown on the knight cards. However, the deck should be easy to read even for Tarot beginners. It is a really good deck for everyday Tarot use.

What bởi you think of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck? Are you a tín đồ of this take on the traditional Tarot? Let me know in the comments below!

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