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* Due lớn extenuating circumstances, this thành phầm may take up khổng lồ 45 days to be delivered to you due to lớn Covid-19 related logistical challenges.
$158 USD

WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid " Rose" BQ6472-500 - is backordered và will ship as soon as it is back in stock.




As seen on

hàng hóa Information

Functionalities :


Model No



Barely Rose




All Season


Peter Moore

Upper material

Synthetic Leather

Sole material

Rubber Sole


Mid Cut

Toe type

Round Toe

Heel type

Flat heel
Size Report :
True to size Run Small Run Large



kích thước Chart

mô tả tìm kiếm

Nike Womens WMNS Air Jordan 1 MId " Rose’ is built with light violet & white leather overlays on its upper. A black swoosh on the side makes a perfect contrast from the light colors of the shoe.SKU: BQ6472-500Release Date: May 7, 2021 Color: Light Violet/White/Black

Shipping Info

Processing time:

Every cửa nhà at KICKS CREW goes through a rigorous authentication process by our expert team. Tracking number are usually provided with 7 business days, varies on arrangement of an order.

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KICKS CREW employs a strict and elaborate authentication process where each sản phẩm is unboxed khổng lồ allow thorough inspection of the packaging, exterior appearance, interior components, & accessories. Obvious defects & imperfections are flagged và intercepted, while professional authenticators determine the legitimacy of each product and have their evaluations reviewed by a team before final approval.

Maximum order quantity:The maximum quantity per order and shipment will be 1 unit.


Our Assurance of Authenticity

Authenticity. Guaranteed. 

We only sell authentic products from verified brand retailers và premium boutiques globally.

Quality Control Process

All products undergo rigorous chất lượng controls across all attributes of a hàng hóa (Box, color, material, stitching, tag, sizing, manufacturing quality) before they are shipped lớn you.

Refund & Exchange


Returns will only be accepted within 7 days of the delivery date granted that the item(s) is in its original state and with the KICKS CREW tags attached.

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The buyer will be entitled to lớn a partial refund once the item(s) are returned successfully. The initial delivery fee is non-refundable, and a restocking fee (15% of the total transaction payment) will be deducted from the transaction amount. 

The buyer is responsible for all shipping fees và the return address will be provided after the exchange is confirmed by the KICKS CREW Customer Service team.

Please liên hệ our customer service team before returning any product.

For further information, please refer to lớn our Term and Conditions


Size Exchanges

Size exchange is available under the condition that the item(s) is unused and still has the KICKS CREW chất lượng Control tags attached.

Request for form size exchange can only be made within 7 days of the delivery date and subject to availability.

Please contact our customer service team before returning any product.

For further information, please refer to lớn our Term & Conditions

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