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Singer-songwriter JVKE releases “i can’t help it” on Aug. 25. JVKE is well known for his song “this is what falling in love feels like” that was released on Sept. 3.

Singer-songwriter JVKE, known for his famous tuy vậy “this is what falling in love feels like,” has released yet another tune that covers more on the topic of love, titled “i can’t help it.” 

The new tune, released on Aug. 25, has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views in the few days it’s been out. Although it’s been nearly a year since JVKE put out “this is what falling in love feels like,” “i can’t help it” sticks to lớn the familiar harmony of the tune. 

The first line in “i can’t help it” is one that’ll be recognized from a different tune by Elvis Presley, titled, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” JVKE’s tuy vậy title is reminiscent of this fact, similarly titled, “i can’t help it.”

Although the first line of JVKE’s tune is “Cause I can’t help falling in love with you,” it contrasts with Presley’s, creating a more energetic love tuy vậy than the 1961 hit. 

While Presley’s song feels quieter in nature, bringing about a gentle and whimsical idea of what falling in love is like, JVKE turns that idea around, making his tuy vậy a loud & bold musical rendition of what love can feel like for others.

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With lyrics from Presley’s tuy nhiên of love from the past, and JVKE’s tuy vậy about love from the present, “i can’t help it,” establishes feelings of both nostalgia & modern-day romanticism.

As soon as the first line is sung, JVKE turns lớn his signature melody — loud beats that appear between lyrics và during the choruses. This musical element adds excitement khổng lồ the song, as well as imitated the sound of a quickly beating heart, another experience of love that makes the tuy nhiên seem more authentic in nature.

As the tuy vậy continues, it gives off a surprisingly holiday-like melody as well, adding lớn the sense of warmth that the audience can feel when listening. Although the tuy nhiên is barely around the three-minute mark, this song makes a perfect impact within that time. With the tuy nhiên being so short, it also gives fans the chance to lớn rewind and listen for a while, blending in seamlessly with the background while working or studying.

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Other lyrics like, “It’s happening / and I can’t stop it,” give more context khổng lồ this particular love song, making the tone feel more desperate. This depiction of falling in love brings with it empathy from the audience as well, especially those who have experienced the helpless feeling of falling in love before.

The tuy nhiên finishes abruptly, with JVKE singing, “I can’t help but fall in love with.” Yet he never utters the last word of the sentence: “you,” which gives the tuy nhiên a feeling of incompleteness lớn it, making it more interesting as well as more developed emotionally.

Although JVKE takes inspiration from Presley’s lyrics in, “I can’t help falling in love with you,” “i can’t help it” is all his own, and he brings the experience of falling in love khổng lồ everyone who will listen. This edition of “i can’t help it,” brings a lot khổng lồ his collection of love songs over the last few months, leaving everyone wondering where his next tune will bring us.

Both Presley’s và JVKE’s songs are incredibly emotional and are about falling in love in different ways. JVKE’s newest tune, however, is one that will make just as many musical memories as Presely’s has in the not-too-distant past.