Overview to lớn Sex Massages in Vietnam

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The mas sa parlors are the most popular type of red light establishment in Vietnam – not only among the local Vietnamese men, but also among foreigners.

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There is not a big girly bar scene neither in Saigon nor Hanoi (well, there are some hostess bars on Bui Vien Street and Little nhật bản in Saigon, but these places are more for sitting & drinking with the ladies & not so much for buying them out for sex in the hotel), and also the other types of hookers in this country are not nearly as prevalent as in other countries in the region, especially thailand or the Philippines where you’ll see a huge amount of street girls, club freelancers, escorts etc.

That’s why the majority of sex workers in Vietnam are working in the massage parlors. So in this guide I’ll give you the complete overview of the most popular places in the big 3 cities of Vietnam – Saigon, Hanoi và Da Nang.

By the way, if you are wondering if there are any happy ending massages in the historic towns of Hoi An or Hue – forget it. There are a handful of salons in both places, but it’s not the type of “all-inclusive” service you find elsewhere, and the chances for a hand job at the kết thúc of the session in exchange for some tip are usually close to zero.

Saigon (Ho chi Minh City)


There are several hotel massages in Saigon which offer the full relaxation program for guys: sauna, steam room, relaxation area, massage và hand job.

Dai phái mạnh Hotel and Boss Palace Hotel (picture) are two of the most popular places in town, và they are also foreigner friendly, means no scams or overcharging. You pay around 300k for the massage và another 300k in tip for the happy ending (it’s up to you, but they usually expect at least the amount of the massage itself).

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An alternative are the small mas sa salons on Bui Vien StreetDistrict 1. They are not as discrete as the khách sạn massages, means the ladies stand or sit outside their shops with a service thực đơn in their hand & try to lure you in with their charm (along with their sexy bodies & outfits). These places are 100% oriented towards foreigners who don’t know that they can get a better khuyễn mãi giảm giá and less hassle at the khách sạn massages (they can be very aggressive in price negotiations for the hand job or blow job).


The mas sa scene in Hanoi is similar compared khổng lồ the one in Saigon – there are bigger parlors with guaranteed “special” service, and the smaller salons where it depends on the mas sa lady if she provides extras or not.

Lady Windy Spa (picture) và Fortuna hotel Massage are known for having not only the highest amount of girls working, but also some of the youngest và most attractive ones.

I went in and inquired the price at Lady Windy – they told me it’s 450k for the VIP room plus 500k for tip. I didn’t take the service, even though I read on some review that they have nice và modern rooms with hot tubs and yes, that tip would include not a hand job, but full sex. But I personally don’t lượt thích to pay so much in countries where it’s so easy khổng lồ meet girls on a dating site.

And the small massage salons in Hanoi are located in the Old Quarter, especially along Hang vào Street behind the lake & Hang Be Street in the tourist area.

Da Nang


The sex massages in da Nang are a lot more difficult khổng lồ find than in Hanoi và Ho đưa ra Minh city – it’s very unlikely that you discover them by just randomly walking around town: There are no such places where girls in short skirts stand outside & offer you their service as you approach.

Two of the most popular happy ending massages in town are Thu Bon Hotel (picture) and Moonlight Hotel. You first pay the price for the massage, & then negotiate a tip with the lady for the hand job, blow job or sex (note that some girls don’t bởi vì full service, no matter how much Dong you offer them).